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Zartform’s is a gothic pen and ink artist.  Specialising in Fantasy, steampunk and gothic art using various mediums, he is heavily influenced by street art and sci-fi fantasy.

Zartform’s has been drawing for as long as he can remember; after a horrific motorcycle accident as a teenager, art became a key aspect of his rehabilitation and identity, developing an avid interest in art therapy and the power of art in the healing process.

He has made art for many well know celebrities including; Brian May (Queen), Brutus The Barber Beefcake from WWF wrestling, Virginia Hay (Mad Max 2) Caroline Monroe (70’s horror actress) Eddie Kid,  Tiffany Holiday (playboy) Veronika Kotlajic (playboy model) Mellie D (Fetish Model) Bianca Beauchamp, Andrew Lawden (stunt man Star Wars) and Cindy Diaz (Fetish Model).  Also logo design work for the Bristol metal band Jaguar and Californian rock signer Aja Kim, the lead singer for the Iron Maiden’s the female tribute band.

He currently lives in Bristol.

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