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Stinkfish first began making stencils in 2000; between then and the middle of the decade, his work became increasingly complex, evolving into the flamboyantly hued portraiture he is known for today. The subjects of these stencilled pieces are most often young children and exude a youthful punk rock spirit of discontent, mingled with a transfixing celebration of humanity and cultural pride. Inspiration for this body of work is drawn from photographs Stinkfish finds on the street, as well as the artist’s own photographs of the people he encounters. Stinkfish also creates hand-drawn mixed media collage work, which involve the application of labyrinthine ink patterns to the faces pictured on vintage record covers and magazines and reference the tradition of Latin American indigenous tribal face paint and tattoo.

Stinkfish has exhibited with Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles and Brooklynite Gallery, New York and has in special events such as Memoria Canalla and the Bogota Stencil Festival and Peru (Lima). He has also released a print with 1xRUN. Online and print media outlets in which he and his work have been featured include FatCap, 333 Zine, Nuevo Mundo: Latin American Street Art, VNA Magazine, Bike Art: Bicycles In Art Around The World, Vandalog, Arrested Motion, Geo Street Art, Five Forever, Wooster Collective, Ekosystem and Street Art News.

He currently lives and works in Bogota.

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