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Q) Why do you think Bristol is so attractive to graff artists?

A) It don’t matter how old you are. You can be a forty year old man, on the dole, painting graff and its acceptable

Q) What gets you going first thing in the morning?

A) Free steak from Tesco and a bottle of white ace.

Q) How old were you when you painted your first ‘real’ piece? Where and what was it?

A) I don’t know, must have been fourteen. Me and Fat Slim did this shit black and white stencil of Rachel from ‘Bladerunner’ on Eastville roundabout.

Q) Why/how did you get involved?

A) Alcohol, just alcohol.

Q) What is your best ‘graff’ moment/piece?

A) Haven’t really go a fave. Its more about missions, getting pissed together and having bbqs.

Q) Where are the best places to graff in Bristol/UK?

A) Anywhere you are not meant to. Anywhere ‘bumpkin’ – places where no other writers will go but others will see your tag. Now Stokes Croft has turned into a mini Shoreditch but with worse haircuts and worse drunks. I’ve been painting here years.

Q) How would you describe your style?

A) Drunk.

Q) Has the graff scene changed much? Is it more focused on tags or big pieces?

A) Yeah it has changed. I know I would rather see tags or throw ups. Two or three days of painting a wall is a waste of time.

Q) Who do you write with? Do you prefer solo or crew painting?

A) Whoever has got beer. I paint with people if they are safe, its not just about how good you are. If you are a dickhead I won’t paint with you.

Q) Why dotcom?

A) Its something they wouldn’t have painted in the 70s/80s. I prefer the older stuff, its all about the damage, about getting up rather than painting a multicoloured fruity piece.

Q) Are you scared of heights?

A) No.

Q) Describe the impact the Anti-Graff squad has had on the Bristol graff scene.

A) Its not going to stop anything.

Q) What is your ‘graff juice’?

A) Beer, money, girls, paint and I inject K into my eyeballs!

Q) Is there more rivalry/beef between writers now than there was 5 years ago?

A) Its different now, there are more writers on the scene so yeah probably.

Q) Does your style stay the same or has it developed?

A) Don’t really know what to say to that, it has changed – its got worse! Don’t care about style, there is just more.

Q) How often do you paint/tag etc?

A) No comment.

Q) Did getting arrested have an impact on your tag? Did it make you more or less motivated to write?

A) I did more when I was on bail, but that turned out to be a bad thing for me.

Q) Are you receptive to new/young writers?

A) From 14-40, I will paint with all of them. If you are dedicated you get better, it takes years to get your letters. If someone is good at it straight away, makes you think they have been looking at too much on the internet and biting letters.

Q) How do you feel painting on canvas?

A) Its something to do when you relax. Its just building me up to get my asbo dropped.

Q) Have you ever collaborated on big spots with other artists?

A) Yeah everywhere, legal walls mainly with FLX.

Q) What does the future hold?

A) Booze and painting.

Q) Are you worried about paint fumes?

A) RIP Iz The Wiz. Maybe in ten years.

Q) Who inspires you to paint more?

A) LLBRAINWASH, he gets me hyped about graff.

Q) How old are you?

A) 18,21,24,25

Q) What do you think of the legal walls in Bristol?

A) In a way its good for illegal graff writers, people tolerate it more once it’s on a legal wall. But it’s also for writers who have got the ‘fear’ or too much to lose. Anyone could make a caricature it don’t matter. With letters they have to be perfect.

Q) Who are your top ten graff writers in the UK?

A) CKone, Kush, Wrong, Ceaz, Touch, Tox 10, Cut 24, Tenfoot, Oker and TNP.

Q) Where do you get your paint from?

A) I haven’t bought a tin of paint for a few good years.

Q) What cigarettes do you smoke?

A) L&B

Q) What is your daily routine?

A) Get up, get paint, eat, go home, paint, sleep, get up, paint.

Q) If Graff was legal would you still do it?

A) No Comment.

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